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Growing up, we always felt a little different for being really into roller coasters.  It was a point of obsession that was not necessarily “normal” for a typical kid growing up in the ‘90s.  Even now as adults, the majority of the world still does not understand why someone would want to label themselves a roller coaster enthusiast.  The way we see it, when people perceive you as something other than “normal,” you have two options.  First, you can easily submit to someone else’s definition of “normality.”  Alternatively, you can embrace whatever it is that makes you unique and find joy in that.  We believe happiness is found when someone finally accepts who they truly are.  Maybe it’s okay to be a little weird.  Maybe it’s okay to be a bit of a misfit in society

Airtime Misfits was founded by roller coaster enthusiasts for roller coaster enthusiasts.   Like most of you, we seek every opportunity to ride shiny, new, record-breaking coasters and get that next coveted “credit.”  It would be a disservice to our namesake, however, if we did not acknowledge the “misfit” coasters of yesterday.  The ones in the back of the park.  The ones that have been chopped down, re-purposed, re-imagined or otherwise forgotten.  Our mission is to create high quality, handmade goods that celebrate these once-loved roller coasters of the past; however, our purpose extends far beyond making and selling tangible items.  We exist to create a welcoming, open-minded community for this group of misfits that we affectionately call “roller coaster enthusiasts.”

If you ever see us at a park and want to geek out about coasters, don’t be a stranger!  It’s what we do best.

Stay weird,
Adam and Nick
Co-Owners, Airtime Misfits


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