Introducing "Coaster Fuel." 


We are HUGE coffee fans.  In fact our co-founder, Nick, has been roasting coffee for 10 years!  We are excited to share our love of coffee with our fellow enthusiasts.  We will be periodically roast small batches of single origin coffee for your enjoyment.  All coffee is freshly roasted to a light-medium level by Nick himself and shipped straight to your door for optimal freshness.


Why in the world would a brand that focuses on defunct coasters sell coffee?  We are glad to asked.  We believe a great cup of coffee is what fuels us to wake up at ungodly hours to get to a park before the gates open.  This simple caffeinated beverage is what energizes us to participate in the "running of the bulls" first thing in the morning after a sleepless night of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead the next day.


Simply put, without coffee, we are next to nothing.


*All coffee is "whole bean" and cannot be pre-ground at this time.  We apologize for any inconvenience!*

Coaster Fuel- Small Batch Coffee