The bright, orange blossom fragrance of this memorial candle was chosen to pay homage to the bright-orange color scheme of this apocalyptic coaster.  


A flaming albatross came to Bowie, Maryland with a vengeance in the spring of 2019 and brought the end to a truly innovative attraction.


This candle series is dedicated to stand-up roller coasters of the past, in all of their painful glory.  Sadly, many now reside in scrap yards across the world; however, three of these unique rides have been given a second chance by getting the “floorless treatment.”  Join us as we place flowers on the graves of these long- forgotten, “stand-up” attractions.  May their new lives serve park guests well for years to come.

The End - "Standing in the Past" Series Candle

  • 100% hand-poured, 6 oz. soy wax candles.